1st Annual Rebels WIth A Cause Film Festival
October 24–28, 2011

THANKS to our supporting organizations:



…and individuals:


Programming Advisor: Laura Paolini


Artists and Filmmakers: Michael Buckley, Dave Clement, Danniel
Danniel, John Greyson, C.A. Griffith, Xavier Hogue, Ali Kazimi, Liz
Knox, Sabine LeBel, Jorge Lozano, Julieta Maria, Juliano Mer Khamis,
Alexis Mitchell, Allyson Mitchell, Victoria Moufawad-Paul, Cuong Ngo,
Ananya Ohri, H.L.T. Quan, Juli Rivera, Malcolm Rogge, Lauren Satok,
Amil Shivji,Vivek Shraya, Elia Suleiman, Alison Taylor,  Jeff Thomas,
Trevor Tureski, Harsha Walla, Kyisha Williams, Bear Witness, Joyce
Wong, Sarah Wood, Helen Yohannes, Alejandro Zuluaga


Others: Stacy Bluebird, Aruna Boodram, Deanna Bowen, Stephen Broomer, Lesley Chan, Andrea Davis, Rinchen Dolma, Kathryn Elder, Hammam Farah, David Frankovich, Matt Guerin, Adonis El-Jamal, Richard Hill, Anna Hudson, Imran Kaderdina, Lee Knuttila, Anne Koizumi, Karis Malszecki, Rob McKee, Ashley Monti,
Kathleen Mullen, Hadiyya Mwapachu, Clare O’Connor, Laila Rashidie, Mark Robertson, Wanda Vanderstoop, Monique Woolnough




***Monday October 24th 2011***


2:30PM – 4:30PM
Artist’s Talk: Bear Witness
Nat Taylor Cinema – Ross 102
Recording can be found here


Bear Witness will open Rebels With A Cause with an artist’s talk on his works as video artist and experimental filmmaker.


Bear Witness is an Ottawa-based media artist who has been producing short experimental videos for over eight years. His award-winning works that have been exhibited nationally and internationally include The Story of Apinachie and her Redheaded Wrestler, BrokeDickDog, Drive By: A Road Trip with Jeff Thomas, In the Cut: A Video Mix-Tape. Bear also produces live audio-visual performances and co-founded A Tribe Called Red, a native DJ collective who produce music internationally known as Pow Wow-step, and hosts a monthly event called Electric Pow Wow.


6:00PM – 7:30PM
REact:G20, Co-presented by Parkdale Film + Video Showcase
Nat Taylor Cinema – Ross 102


REact commemorates the G20 standoff in Parkdale one year ago. Some videos are interpreting and reacting to the events of Toronto’s G20, while other works are testaments to resistance movements nationally and internationally. The humorous nature of some works divulges a strategy of dissent to authority. Other works directly address trauma. All the works are presented with sensitivity and in a spirit of solidarity with Parkdale as a global community concerned with equity and human rights worldwide.


Victory Salute – Trevor Tureski
Dear Stephen Harper – Alison Taylor & Sabine LeBel
(3days before) G20 “Fence” – Lauren Satok
1 Question – Liz Knox (Vtape)
Packin’ – John Greyson (Vtape)
Left to Eat Cake – Ananya Ohri
Afganimation – Allyson Mitchell (Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre)
Raw Memory – Jorge Lozano (Vtape)
Like a Nice Rubber Gas Mask – Malcolm Rogge (Vtape)
Cut – Julieta Maria


Political Filmmaking Panel
This panel discusses the strategies of political filmmaking with some of the directors from REact:G20
Panelists: Sabine LeBel, Jorge Lozano, Ananya Ohri, Alison Taylor
Facilitated by Amil Shivji
Recording can be found here


***Tuesday October 25th, 2011***


2:30PM – 4:30PM
York Focus: Films by, for and of York community
Student Centre RM 313


York Focus features films by York student filmmakers and faculty. The themes span the intersection of dance and social activism, reconciling the social pressure to be closeted and Asian stereotyping within interracial dating. Other shorts examine the memorialization, loss and salvage of diasporic identity, struggles with the administration during the recent York strike and the marginalization of student voice in Vari Hall.


Banana Bruises – Joyce Wong
The Golden Pin – Cuong Ngo
MataDanze – Amil Shivji
Remember the Disremembered – Victoria Moufawad-Paul
Homophony – Jorge Lozano (Vtape)
Motet for Amplified Voices – John Greyson (Sound and Moving Image Library VIDEO7838 or vimeo)


The Contestation of Vari Hall Panel
The doors of Vari Hall first opened in 1992, transforming the York University campus. Since then, the building’s central feature – the large Vari Hall rotunda – has served as the school’s iconic symbol and main foyer. It’s also been the site of greatest political contestation. Join us for a presentation and discussion about how this important rotunda shapes (and has been shaped by) campus activism, and about what’s required to claim campus space in the struggle for social justice.
Panelists: Clare O’Connor, Imran Kaderdina, Laila Rashidie
Recording can be found here


6:00PM – 8:00PM
Shooting Indians: a journey with Jeffrey Thomas (Sound and Moving Image Library DVD4577)
Student Centre RM 313


Synopsis: The filmmaker’s stereotypical image of North American Indians begins to change when he meets Jeffrey Thomas, an Iroquois photographer, who documents contemporary Aboriginal experience. His images bear little resemblance to those of turn-of-the-century photographers, exemplified by Edward Curtis. Using archival material to contrast the work of these two photographers, the filmmaker demonstrates the role that visual images have played in shaping views of Aboriginal people.


A conversation with Ali Kazimi and Jeff Thomas: filmmaker and artist revisit their collaboration of almost 15 years ago.
Facilitated by Richard Hill
Recording can be found here


***Wednesday October 26th 2011***


3:00PM – 5:30PM
Dis(Orient)ation, Curated by Victoria Moufawad-Paul
Nat Taylor Cinema – 102 Ross


Comprising several approaches to radical aesthetics, each of the films in this programme have perhaps found ways to cause dis(orient)ation. They defy what Susan Sontag argues conventional images of zones of conflict do: “They reiterate. They simplify. They agitate. They create the illusion of consensus.” Elia Suileman’s first feature film breaks from so-called “Pallywood” conventions and evokes the unexpected by calling upon what viewers already know about the situation to transform the image. Annemarie Jacir’s first widely circulated short film breaks apart on a formal level to focus attention on the power imbalances inherent in political filmmaking. Sarah’s Wood’s archival film made without an archive serves as an exploration into the uncertainty of the documentary mode.


Like Twenty Impossibles – Annemarie Jacir
Chronicle of a Disappearance – Elia Suleiman (Sound and Moving Image Library DVD)
For Cultural Purpose Only – Sarah Wood (Animate Projects)


Q&A with Vicky Moufawad-Paul


6:00PM – 8:00PM
Arna’s Children – Juliano Mer Khamis & Danniel Danniel (Trabelsi Productions)
Nat Taylor Cinema – 102 Ross


Synopsis: Arna’s Children is a 2003 Israeli/Dutch documentary film directed by Juliano Mer Khamis and Danniel Danniel about a children’s theater group in Jenin in the Palestinian territories established by Arna Mer-Khamis, the director’s mother, an Israeli Jewish political and human rights activist.


Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA) Panel
SAIA is a Palestinian advocacy student group at York that actively works to lobby the student and faculty community to support the Palestinian cause to self-determination and end the occupation of Palestinian territories. SAIA will be discussing BDS (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions) as a form of non-violent struggle against Israeli apartheid.
Panelists: Adonis El-Jamal, Hammam Farah


***Thursday October 27th 2011***


2:30PM – 4:30PM
Queer & Trans Activism
Vari Hall 3005


This programme examines themes which confront racism within the queer community, the silence surrounding trans identity, rigid gender norms, and the criminalization of racialized and trans identities. Other shorts include an epic queer retelling of Jewish history which transgresses boundaries and a testimony on migrating through territories whilst fighting discrimination.


Invisible – Xavier Hogue (youtube)
Seeking Single White Male – Vivek Shraya
Ache in My Name – Vivek Shraya (vimeo)
The Decadence of Your Starvation – Juli Rivera (youtube)
Red Lips [Cages for Black Girls] – Kyisha Williams (Vtape)
CAMP – Alexis Mitchell (Vtape)
Land(E)scaping – Jorge Lozano (Vtape)


Queer & Trans Activism Panel
Panelists: Alexis Mitchell, Julia Rivera, Vivek Shraya, Kyisha Williams
Faciliated by Hadiyya Mwapachu
Recording can be found here


6:00PM – 8:00PM
Indigenous Struggles
Vari Hall 3003


Indigenous Struggles brings into focus themes that range from the plight of Tibetan nomads under China’s forcible re-settlement policy, the struggle of Grassy Narrows First Nation for environmental justice and self-determination, to the complex and diverse realities of Downtown Eastside women organizing for justice.


From Nomad to Nobody – Michael Buckley
Survival, Strength, Sisterhood: Power of Women in the Downtown Eastside – Alejandro Zuluaga & Harsha Walia (youtube)
As Long As the Rivers Flow: the Story of the Grassy Narrows – Dave Clement (freegrassy.org)


Indigenous Struggles Panel
Panelists: Stacy Bluebird, Rinchen Dolma, Monique Woolnough
Facilitated by Aruna Boodram


***Friday October 28th 2011***


5:30PM – 7:00PM: Closing Event at the Grad Lounge


7:00PM – 10:00PM
The Personal & the Political Story of Activism
Nat Taylor Cinema – 102 Ross
This program opens with a short which focuses on black women and examines the issues of race, representation and the role of the spoken word in strengthening communities. This will be followed by the documentary “Mountains That Take Wing” which features conversations between activists Angela Davis and Yuri Kochiyama. The film explores the suppression of Women within the civil rights movement and activism, and deconstructs the prison industrial complex and the role of education in the struggle for social liberation.


Black Womyn Griots: D’bi Young & Helen Yohannes Speak – Helen Yohannes (youtube)
Mountains That Take Wings – C.A. Griffith & H.L.T. Quan (Sound and Moving Image Library DVD13802


Personal & Political Story of Activism Q&A
Professor Andrea Davis interviews H.L.T. Quan – co-director of Mountains That Take Wing
Recording can be found here